Conference Reports on the Benefits of Forestry

June 11, 2015

Conference Reports on the Benefits of Forestry

A recent agricultural conference found that forestry offers a more viable and stable income than beef farming for Irish landowners. According to Prof Alan Matthews, professor emeritus of European agricultural policy at Trinity College, many beef farms in Ireland are not financially viable without EU subsidies, especially when the additional costs of greenhouse gases are factored in.

These views are supported by Joe Codd, Director of Sales at FEL, who notes that landowners can receive a premium of up to €249 per acre annually for 15 years.  Planting is 100% grant aided by the Forest Service with forestry offering a tax efficient income.  Joe points out that ‘forestry is less time consuming and more cost effective than farming with demand for timber exports increasing’.  Forests grow each year regardless of economic conditions, with timber prices generally outpacing inflation. By contrast, the average Irish cattle operations generated a negative net margin of €122 per hectare last year

With over 20 years’ experience in forestry harvesting, FEL works closely with each client to provide the best advice to maximise forestry income and ensure that investments are commercially viable.  FEL currently manage over 40,000 acres of forestry in Ireland with foresters located throughout the country.  For more information on forestry management and investment, call FEL on 1800 719 399 or email to arrange a meeting.

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