Do you have a Sitka spruce forestry for sale?

August 12, 2014

Do you have a Sitka spruce forestry for sale?

Do you have a Sitka spruce forestry for sale? FEL have investors looking to buy good quality, well maintained, commercial forests that are over 20 years of age and 15 acres or more. Fel tailor their services towards maximising the commercial benefits of your forest and yield you the best market price possible.

If your forest has not been managed in the past, Fel will work with you to get your forestry investor-ready and in prime condition for selling now, or in the future.

FEL make it simple for you to get the best price for your Forestry, we offer the following services for you to glide through the process:

  • Prepare plantation for sale by installing inspection paths, cleaning entrances, standing mapping and Sales document preparation
  • Check access and title documents are in order so as not to delay a contract and jeopardise a sale
  • Promotional campaign targeting forestry investors
  • Site visits with potential buyers
  • Follow up with all prospects
  • Complete the deal on your behalf
  • Provide you with advice on contractual issues
  • Capital Gains Tax calculation

For more information on selling your forestry call FREE PHONE 1800 719 399