FEL Open New Office at Athenry Mart

September 4, 2015

FEL Open New Office at Athenry Mart

Forest Enterprises Ltd. (FEL) has recently opened a new office at Athenry Mart, moving from their previous office in Kilcolgon. The new office will act as a base for FEL to manage the West/Midlands region, allowing FEL to meet local farmers, land owners and investors, contractors and industry bodies such as the  Forest Service and Teagasc in a location that is logistically central. Ken Sweeney, Regional Manager of the area, will available at the office Mart days to discuss forestry with local land owners and farmers.

Speaking on the benefits of the forestry, Joe Codd, Director of Sales for FEL, said “Anyone planting under the Government’s forestry programme for 2014-2020 can receive an increased premium of up to €249 per acre over a period of 15 years. The new scheme opens the benefits of forestry to those who could not qualify in the past including non-farmers, individuals leasing land and those who availed of the Early Retirement Scheme”.


As FEL’s regional manager for the West/Midlands, Ken is responsible for the management of FEL’s plantations in the region through planning and scheduling of roading and harvesting operations and generating wealth and income for FEL’s many varied clients.  In addition to mart days, Ken is available to meet with clients interested in planting or harvesting at anytime.

Forestry provides a stable annual income for a period of 15 years, with income from timber harvesting starting soon after the end of the premiums, provided commercial conifers are planted on the land.  Revenue earned from premiums and timber sales is income tax-free subject to the income tax threshold.

FEL have over 20 years’ experience in forestry harvesting. They operate a very simple, transparent and secure harvesting system from first thinning to clear-fell ensuring forest owners get the best price for their timber while protecting the future value of their crop.  FEL currently manage over 35, 000 acres of forestry in Ireland and harvested 80,000 tonnes in 2014.

For more information on making forestry work for you, please contact Ken Sweeney on 087 936 7982. Freephone FEL on 1800 719 399 or visit www.fel.ie.