FEL wins EU FP7 contract

July 15, 2013

FEL wins EU FP7 contract

The EU has awarded a pan European Consortium called SIMWOOD funding under the Seventh Framework Programme.  FEL is delighted to be a partner in this consortium.  The idea for the project emerged from the growing demand for wood especially in bio-energy markets.  This offers a major opportunity to overcome the socio-economic and technical barriers that are currently impeding a wood mobilisation, especially from the multitude of forest owners of largely fragmented forests across western Europe. The project will provide economically viable management solutions for forest owners, foresters and SMEs to aid the mobilisation of timber from these forests

Daragh Little said “FEL is delighted to be part of this project.  We have been working to mobilise timber from Irish forests for several years and see the huge potential in these forests.  However, there are many social, economic and technical barriers impeding progress.  This is costing jobs and depriving forest owners the opportunity to make their forest earn money for them. We aim to provide to our clients with the best possible advice and we are confident that this project will address many of the issues and provide solutions for the benefit of forest owners and the wider economy.”

For more information please contact Daragh Little, MD of FEL on 01 621 9406 or

visit http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/understand_en.html


FP7 is the short name for the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. This is the EU’s main instrument for funding research in Europe and it will run from 2007-2013. FP7 is also designed to respond to Europe’s employment needs, competitiveness and quality of life.