Forest Planning and Audits

Forest Management Planning

Many forest owners do not have a forest management plan for their plantation. They do not realise how important planning is in order to protect their investment, comply with the law and to plan operations to maximise income while minimising costs. Forest planning is a basic requirement of owning a plantation and Veon has developed a forest management planning service which encompasses all the requirements needed to effectively manage your plantation.

A comprehensive management plan lasting 10 years will have the following:

  • A review of the legal and environmental aspects affecting the plantation
  • Contact details of the owners, managers, fire services, etc.
  • An inventory of the species within the plantation
  • An environmental map showing environmental features
  • A stand map showing species, age classes, access, etc.
  • A location map placing the plantation in its context
  • A fire plan
  • A Health and Safety assessment
  • A list of operations to be carried out and when
  • A timber production forecast for the period of the plan
  • A cashflow statement indicating likely costs and income over the period
  • A review procedure

Forest Auditing

Are you unhappy with or unsure of how your plantation is performing? Do you simply want to know how your plantation is doing? Veon offers forest owners a complete forest auditing service which will identify problems, provide solutions and provide the answers in an easy to read professional report.