Forestry Management Forecasting and Timber Quality

May 30, 2017

Forestry Management Forecasting and Timber Quality

Daragh Little, Managing Director – Forestry of Veon Ltd, chaired the opening session of the One Day  Seminar – Forestry Management Forecasting and Timber Quality, held at University College Dublin on 24th May 2017 with a presentation entitled Managing Forests for Timber Quality.

The seminar presented research findings from several different projects, including: FASTFORESTS, WINDRISK, FORECAST and SIMWOOD. Funding for these projects from The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Woodwisdom-Net and the European Commission was gratefully acknowledged.

The opening session covered topics from Douglas Fir – variation of log quality and its implications on products by Dr. Franka Brüchert, senior lecturer at the Department of Forest Utilisation, Baden-Württemberg Forest Research Institute; Using acoustic tools to indicate the impact of initial spacing on quality of Sitka spruce by Vilius Gendvilas of UCD to The influence of planting density on structural performance of Sitka spruce by Karlo Šimić of NUIG; Mechanical characterization of green Sitka spruce logs by Luka Kranjc, Niall Farrelly and Annette M. Harte; Perceptions of timber quality in Ireland by Stefanie Duesberg of UCD.

The afternoon session chaired by Donal Magner on Modelling productivity, wood mobilisation and the impact of wind was adressed by Alba Cabrera Berned of UCD on The potential impact of forest intensification on forest productivity under different climate change scenarios, followed by Can woody residues be sustainable and profitably procured during first thinning operations in Ireland? By Eva Ardao Rivera of UCD; Forecast Model Project-Improving Timber Production Forecasting by Cian O’Connor of Teagasc, Maarten Niewenhuis of UCD and Niall Farrelly of Teagasc; Factors influencing the occurrence of windthrow in forest stands during Storm Darwin by Cian Gallagher of UCD; The influence of thinning and proximity to drains on tree stability in Sitka spruce by Niall Farrelly of Teagasc, Gonzalo González Fernández and Áine Ní Dhubháin of UCD, and Intensification of forest management – what are we prepared to accept? By Stefanie Duesberg of UCD.

Commenting on the content of the seminar Daragh Little stated that “much of the work presented is the culmination of years of work by researchers. Much of this work looked at the properties of Sitka spruce timber which is our main timber. In order for our industry to respond properly to issues like Brexit it is important that we know our product and the maximum value we can add to it. Veon, through its provision of forestry plantations and participation in the SIMWOOD project, has been happy to support several of the projects presented at the Seminar” he added.