Is your Forest approaching 10 years old?

March 28, 2014

Is your Forest approaching 10 years old?

If so, you will need to conduct a 10 year management plan.

The 10 year forest management plan

Once your forest has taken root it’s important to protect your investment. The Forest Service, in the Department of Agriculture is responsible for managing forestry in Ireland, requires all forest owners to carry out a 10 year forestry management plan.

The purpose of carrying out this management plan is to ensure that your forest matches the initial specification approved by The Forest Service when first planted, and also to protect your premium payment for the next 10 years.

Failure to complete the assessment and return the completed plan may put you at risk of having payments suspended by The Forest Service.

How do I carry out a 10 year management plan?

Management plans can be completed by arranging a site visit from a FEL forester. The Forest Service will provide you with all the relevant paperwork, and an additional €300 contribution to your premium payments.

What happens during a site visit?

During your site visit a FEL registered forester will:

  • Assess the stock levels of trees
  • Carry out a height measurement to determine the age that your trees will be ready for their first thinning and clear-fell age of each plot
  • Foresters will assess the average height and yield class of your trees
  • Conduct a visual nutrient assessment of the trees to establish their growth levels and if they have any fertilizer requirements
  • Complete an assessment of the plantation fire lines

What happens after the visit?

Your forester will submit his findings to The Forest Service and complete a maintenance plan for the next 10 years. This is the most critical time for any forest as growth and productivity flourishes. It’s also vital to ensure that the forests first and subsequent thinning are carried out at the right time and that the best crop is returned. A professionally managed forest can yield up to €15,000 per acre in income over the course of its rotation.

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