National Tree Week

March 5, 2014

National Tree Week

National Tree week in Ireland is a fun festival to celebrate the importance of trees, in our Community, Country and in the world and encourage everyone to play a part in efforts to live more sustainably. The Tree Council believe that by doing something as simple as planting a tree you are adding to an extremely complex and interactiveecosystem that protects and sustains a huge diversity of nature and provides food and shelter for all sorts of wildlife. Fel wholeheartedly agree with this and would like to encourage young and old to get involved in this event.

The celebration continues until 8th March and there are plenty of events going on around the country that you and your children can get involved in.

The Theme for this year’s annual Irish National Tree Week from 2nd March to 8th March is “The sound of Trees. The celebrate the 2014 National Tree Week we have selected some YouTube videos of the sound of trees.


Link for Calendar and events:


Hear the beautiful sounds “The secret life of Tree’s” soundtrack by Tracy Bartelle:


Hear relaxing sounds of Tree’s blowing in the wind:


“Nature Sounds” Wind blowing Tree’s and birds chirping