Selling your forest property

There is now a vibrant market for forestry land and plantations of all ages and species in Ireland. As Ireland’s leading purchaser of land and plantations we have unrivalled experience in how to present and maximise the price you can get for your plantation.

These days there are plenty of opportunities for investors. The investment proposal that is presented best often wins and selling your forestry properties is no exception. Too many forest owners don’t have the right paperwork, refuse to invest in inspection paths or bother to check their title is in order before putting their plantation on the market. They are increasing the risk for investors who if they are interested will pay a lower price for properties that are not well prepared for the market.

Veon offers the following to those wishing to sell their forest property or portfolio.

  • Prepare plantation for sale by installing inspection paths, cleaning entrances, standing mapping and Sales document preparation
  • Promotional campaign targeting forestry investors
  • Check access and title documents are in order so as not to delay a contract and jeopardise a sale
  • Site visits with potential buyers
  • Follow up with all prospects
  • Provide you with advice on contractual issues
  • Complete the deal on your behalf
  • Capital Gains Tax calculation

For more information on selling your forest property, call our office 1800 719 399 today to arrange a meeting email [email protected]