Forestry in Ireland

Make your land work for you!

In the current economic climate, many farmers are facing challenging times.  Escalating costs and less income from other farm schemes means that farmers have to work harder for less reward.  Faced with such challenges, it seems timely that other farm enterprises are explored.

Forest establishment is 100% grant aided by the Department of Agriculture, Forest Service in Ireland. The Forest Service also provide an income tax free, forestry premium grant for up to 15 years.

Over 16,000 farmers in Ireland have already made the decision to become farm foresters and they are now seeing the benefits of the stable annual income that forest premiums provide in addition to owning their own forest that is increasing in value every year.

And it’s not just farmers who can benefit from the scheme. Farmers and Non-farmers are now eligible for the same rate of income-tax-free premia, as a result of recent changes to the Afforestation scheme.

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