Veon facilitates Society of Irish Foresters members Study Tour to Austria 14th October 2016

October 19, 2016

Veon facilitates Society of Irish Foresters members Study Tour to Austria 14th October 2016

In keeping with Veon’s commitment to best practice forestry techniques and continuous innovation in Irish forestry, the company facilitated the Society of Irish Foresters trip to Austria this month.

The Society of Irish Foresters visited Austria in October to look at forestry practice and related forest industries. The tour which was a great success was facilitated by Veon which has long-standing relationships with the Austrian forestry industry. Veon Foresters have made several trips to Austria to learn more about sustainable forestry management practices and implement best practice techniques in Ireland.

Forestry in Austria is the second largest employer with over 350,000 people working directly and indirectly from forest management to timber processing.

“Timber and forestry is deeply embedded in the culture of the country, with many generations of the same family working as foresters or saw millers.  This generates a profound level of understanding of their natural environment and this was of particular interest to members of the Society of Irish Foresters” according to Daragh Little, Managing Director Forestry of Veon Ltd.

Commenting on the success of the trip to Austria, Hugh Cawley, Director of Operations at Veon Ltd stated that “Forestry in Ireland is young by comparison so we can learn a lot about how forestry has developed in Austria and we can learn to develop a similar culture in Ireland.  We can already see this in rural Ireland where forestry is already part of everyday life employing dozens of people in the same towns in multiple forestry related businesses.  As the industry develops here it will generate sustainable rural employment which will last generations”.

Veon – Members of the Society of Irish Foresters annual study tour in Krems with their Austrian host foresters October 14th 2016