Veon to host SIMWOOD Harvesting Field Day in Co. Laois

November 9, 2016

Veon to host SIMWOOD Harvesting Field Day in Co. Laois

Irish forestry owners will benefit from new innovative techniques being developed by Veon under the EU 7th Framework project – SIMWOOD project.


The wood energy sector is growing rapidly in scale and importance as climate change is increasingly becoming a reality. New harvesting techniques have been developed and are now available to extract more biomass from Irish forests to supply this growing market.  Traditional harvesting left behind branches and tops, which can now, in suitable sites, be recovered and sold. This has the potential to increase forest owner yields significantly and increase the ever-growing attractiveness of forestry as an asset class.


While many forests can be harvested with this new technique, the amount of biomass recovered depends on a number of site-specific factors such as access, soil, slope and weather conditions. Veon Limited as the selected Irish partner has been working on a pilot project within the EU 7th Framework project – SIMWOOD, to develop this system so that it can be applied appropriately and in a sustainable manner while also trying to accurately predict the amount of biomass that could be recovered.


Forest owners who wish to find out more about this latest innovative technique can attend a field event hosted by Veon and Worrell Harvesting Ltd. at Clonalsee, Co. Laois on Friday, 18th November beginning at 10.30am. At this event forest owners will see this new innovative technique in first thin stands and learn how it could be applied to their own forests.  This event will be of interest to forest owners who have not yet thinned their plantations and Veon foresters will be on hand to answer any question which forest owners may have.


If you would like to attend this event book your place by calling Veon at 1800 719 399.