Broadleaf Thinning Grants

Tending and thinning are essential operations to produce quality timber in broadleaf forests and also improve the future timber crop value.

Broadleaves are planted very close together to encourage upward growth and reduce branches. Once the canopy starts to close, the trees begin to shade each other. At this stage, the lower quality trees should be removed.

Tending/thinning is normally carried out when the average height reaches 8 metres. Final crop trees should be selected based on their quality and from then on thinning should be based around these trees.

Often the timber removed is not big enough to pay for itself which is why there are grants available from the Dept. of Agriculture to carry out these operations. The grant is worth up to €750 per ha.

Veon Broadleaf Thinning Services

  • Initial site assessment (free of charge)
  • Apply for Grants to the Forest Service
  • Apply for your felling licence
  • Design and construct a forest road if required
  • Accurate timber measurement
  • Marking your timber
  • Tender to prospective timber buyers
  • Develop robust contract between both parties
  • Monitor harvesting and haulage operations
  • Install sophisticated security measurements
  • Post harvesting report.