Forestry thinning services - Veon Ltd.
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Forestry thinning

Forest Thinning, Harvesting & Clear-Fell

Veon (formerly FEL) has over 25 years experience in harvesting from first thinning through to clear-fell. We have developed robust and strong systems to control harvesting operations, maximising income generated from your plantation while ensuring that the plantation maintains its productive potential.

Our harvesting service is second to none in Ireland. This service is a complete harvesting service where we project manage the entire operation working with you to achieve your desired result.

Veon’s harvesting service

Timber measurement and marketing

At the outset, we will prepare the plantation by accurately measuring the standing timber. This data is then analysed by professional foresters to determine the appropriate prescription for your plantation. We will then offer the timber for sale by tender to our select timber buyers. Once price is agreed, we provide a comprehensive timber sales contract and look after the payment arrangements. Before the operation begins we prepare a harvest plan and perform a health and safety assessment.

Harvesting supervision

A key part of our harvesting service is supervision. We supervise harvesting contractors to make sure the right trees are taken and to minimise damage to remaining trees and the environment.  We believe that all thinnings should be marked to ensure that the best trees remain and that the plantation is thinned consistently throughout. Timber marking is vital, as thinning incorrectly can seriously affect the value of your crop and investment.

Post-harvesting crop and invetory management

Once the timber is brought to the roadside, we track timber movements using our timber docket tracking system to ensure that all timber is accounted for.  At the end of the operation we provide you with a Post Harvesting Report which reports on financial outcome, volume harvested, mapping and issues arising. We then enter your plantation into our system to remind you when it is time for the next operation.

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