Who is Veon?

In 2015, Forest Enterprises Ltd  rebranded as  Veon Limited which includes all FEL’s personnel plus those of another forestry investment company, I.F.S. Asset Managers Ltd, to form one larger Irish professional forestry company.

Veon is a full-service Irish forestry company and the only private Irish forestry company to be registered with the Central Bank as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager

Why has the re-brand from FEL to Veon happened?

Veon was established to enable FEL to take advantage of the opportunities in Irish forestry by growing its activities by bringing the skills of both companies under the one roof.

What has happened to FEL?

Nothing has happened FEL and the easiest way to understand the change is that FEL has simply rebranded itself as Veon.

FEL still continues to exist as a company but over a period of time the FEL brand will simply change to Veon.

How does this affect me and my company’s relationship with FEL/Veon?

Put simply – it doesn’t. Everything remains as it has and it is business as usual but with a nicer logo!

Does this affect my existing contracts with FEL?

All FEL contracts remain valid now and into the future. There is no change to existing contracts and no change to terms and conditions of payment – it is simply business as usual.

However, new contracts issued will be in the name of Veon Limited.

Will there be a change in the people that I usually deal with in FEL?

No. We expect to increase the number of staff in the coming months to deal with the increase in new business as a result of the upturn in the economy and the Irish forestry sector in general.

Are Farmers and non-farmers eligible for the same grant and premia rates?


What do the new changes to the grant scheme mean?

The changes to the afforestation scheme mean that farmers and landowners can earn up to €275 per acre annually with no establishment costs and farmers can still retain their Basic Payments (BPS).