Forest Estate Management

Ireland has many historic estates and Veon has been appointed forest manager to the largest and most significant estates in the country including the Coollatin Estate, Coopers Hill Estate, Brownhall Estate, Kilcooley Estate, Annaghmore Estate, New Park Estate and the Perceval Estate among others.

Older estate woodlands provide owners with a significant irregular timber flow profile and differing species requirements which can prove challenging from a harvesting, marketing, financial, and logistical perspective. The age-class distribution of most planted forest estates is also usually irregular and combined with invasive species removal and replanting requirements in conjunction with overall estate plan objectives requires specialist technical knowledge and the best use of specialised software.

Estate woodland management requires a fundamentally different approach than commercial forest plantations with a greater emphasis on the environmental assessment of the estate at the outset, the historical perspective of the estate, spatial requirements, species choice and restoration; operational and transport logistics, planning and other legislative obligations including those involving waterway directives and conservation.

In managing historically significant woodland estates, Veon is acutely aware of its responsibilities to the estate owners but also to the wider public and to the environment.


ESG is now at the forefront of decision making across the investment spectrum which covers civil society organizations, governments, and private sector investors.

Veon is conscious of the wider responsibilities and duties is has in conducting its commercial activities and the resulting impact of its actions on society and the environment. Investors now seek greater detail on how companies are managing ESG issues.

The integration of Environmental, Social and Governance criteria is a way for the investors to protect themselves from long-term financial, operational and reputational risks.

Veon supports investors on incorporating ESG on investment analysis and decision-making processes.