Forest insurance

It is surprising to think that many plantations in Ireland are not adequately insured. Considering the huge financial loss that will occur when a fire occurs, insurance is a small price to pay. In the past forest owners could rely on the Forest Service Reconstitution Scheme to cover the costs of replanting their land. This grant is no longer available so it is up to the forest owner to cover all the costs of replanting. If your forest is damaged by fire, you are responsible to replant the land otherwise your premiums will be at risk. Replanting a forest damaged by fire is very expensive and can cost you up to €4,500/ha to replant.

Fortunately, forestry insurance will cover the loss of timber production and the cost of replanting your land.

Veon specialises in forest fire protection and our services include:
  • A detailed fire risk assessment of your plantation
  • Installation of fire protection measures like firelines
  • A fire-plan for your plantation
  • forest insurance advice