Forest Roading

Before thinning can take place on your plantation, it is necessary to construct a harvesting road to extract the timber. A strong harvesting road will add value to your plantation and reduce maintenance costs in the long term. Veon works with and on behalf of the forest owner to obtain the road grant and to obtain the necessary planning permission for the forest road.

How much does a forest road cost?

The Forest Service provides grant aid up to 25 metres per ha at a rate of €40 per linear metre. This should cover up to 100% of the cost of construction. We work with our clients to build high quality roads that last over 30 years with little or no maintenance required. Well designed and built harvesting roads add value to your plantation by increasing timber income and decreasing maintenance costs. Investors pay more for plantations with good harvesting roads, should you wish to sell your plantation in the future.

Key benefits of a well-designed harvesting road

  • Increases the asset value of your plantation
  • Reduces maintenance costs over the rotation
  • Improves accessibility of the plantation and quality