Forest Valuations

Forestry owners need valuations for a variety of purposes.

These include:

  • Stamp duty
  • Capital gains tax
  • Probate tax
  • Inheritance/gift tax
  • Pension valuations
  • Possible sale or purchase
  • Loan Security
  • Divorce proceedings

However, the plantation market in Ireland is small, so it is difficult to get a true estimate of the value of your plantation. Veon is Ireland’s leading purchaser of forestry plantations having bought over 15,000 acres over the last 10 years. This give us a unique insight into what the market is doing and how to value plantations accurately.

Accurate valuations are very important these days, especially for loan security and tax purposes. Using our recognised valuation techniques and extensive experience we can provide professional valuations that will allow you to comply with your legal and tax obligations.