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Forestry Investment

Forestry Investment

Commercial forestry is a shrewd investment of your land,  providing stable tax efficient income with a market for the timber. Forestry is a growth industry in Ireland, contributing €2.3bn to GDP annually. In 2015, exports of forest products from Ireland were valued at €355 million.  Demand for timber is high and this is expected to continue meaning timber prices will remain high for years to come.

Planting is 100% grant aided by the Forest Service, providing income for up to 15 years from forest premiums. Trees grow every year regardless of economic volatility, ideal for portfolio diversification and risk adverse investors.

Why invest in Forestry?

  • Generous grants and premiums
  • Vibrant market and favourable tax basis
  • Green investment – future potential in new markets such as bio-energy
  • Low entry and exit costs
  • Low risk and safe investment if managed professionally
  • Liquid plantation market allowing investors to sell on more easily
  • Land based investment
  • Cheaper management than stock market investment
  • Possibility of other site development like wind farming enhancing returns
  • Trees are a biological growth product which adds value by increasing in volume each year.