How much can you earn with forestry?

You can earn up to €275/acre per annum for the next 15 years by planting forestry on your marginal land. This does not affect your Single Farm Payment which is eligible for new forestry land.  Income from timber products can replace forestry grants after 15 years.

Forestry will provide you and your family with a generous income from timber revenue at thinning and clear-fell stages when the crop matures. Revenue from timber is income tax free. A professionally managed forest can earn you up to €40,000 per annum over its crop rotation.

Find out how much you can earn with our forestry calculator below. Simply fill out the form with your details and a registered forester will contact you.

Veon offers unparalleled knowledge of the Irish forestry industry.

Veon Ltd is the preferred forestry valuation partner of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV) and has a Memorandum of Understanding with that organisation to provide specialist support to their members when assessing and valuing forestry assets.

Veon has co-authored the national standard valuation procedure which has been adopted by the wider industry as the preferred discounted cash flow (DCF) method. As forestry investment is characteristically a long term acquisition, Veon also employs timber-flow and cash flow models extending to over 70 years for our clients.

As the largest professional forestry investment and forest management consultancy company in Ireland, Veon has developed in-house and best in class use of technology to ensure we retain our leadership position and achieve the best result possible for our clients.