Irish Forestry Investment

Forests are characteristically long-term assets, and developing a profound understanding of forestry investment characteristics is critical to achieving success. Woodland appraisals and investment analyses help address this need, and attention to the assessment of existing tree crops and their estimated future performance is essential for accurate valuations and successful investment outcomes.

Veon is at the forefront of developments in the forestry sector, offering thought leadership and foresight of future trends so that our clients can respond to the future demands of their businesses. Our Forest Investment and Forest Valuation practice area covers the entire value chain, from raw material supply to end-product demand for forestry, bioenergy and forest based industries. Our insights, experience and sectoral knowledge allow detailed predictions of future wood flows and cash flows when valuing these assets.

Our services include: forestry investment advice, due diligence, forest valuation, and value creation through improved supply chain management.

Our clients include family wealth offices, private forest companies, utility companies, HNWI forestry investors, financial institutions, banks and sovereign wealth funds.

Veon offers unparalleled knowledge of the Irish forestry industry. Our investment advisory services have supported the development of private sector forestry in Ireland on behalf of timberland funds, institutional investors, banks and private forestry companies. In 2015 Veon was responsible for developing, marketing and concluding the single largest private portfolio sale and subsequent investment in Irish forestry in the history of the State. Veon has transacted over €55 million in Irish forestry transactions on behalf of investors in Ireland over the past three years.

Veon is Ireland’s leading purchaser of land and plantations. Having bought over 15,000 acres in the last decade, we are uniquely positioned to source the investment you require at the right price. Veon provides forest portfolio profiling and management services to farmers, land owners, high-net-worth investors, pension funds, institutional investors and family wealth offices. Veon has generated more foreign direct investment into Irish forestry than any other Irish forest management company.

Before you invest come and talk to us. We will advise you about the investment so that you can be assured that forestry is right for you. You will also know what forestry investment to target that best suits your investment requirements.

Using our extensive database of land/plantation sellers and our national network of regional offices in Co. Leitrim, Co. Galway. Co. Kerry, Co. Laois, Co. Wexford and Dublin along with our established network of local auctioneers we can quickly identify the right land/plantation for you. We can then provide you with a professional report encompassing, legal constraints, title, access, costed remedial works, forestry appraisal, insurance issues, management history and maps. We will also recommend a price to pay and will undertake to negotiate on your behalf.

Once price is agreed we will guide you through the contractual arrangements to the successful outcome of you owning your own forest.

Veon (Scotland) Ltd

Veon assess, acquires and manages forest portfolios in Scotland on behalf of our clients capitalising on our experience over the past decade with Scottish forestry assets. Scotland is an ideal forestry investment destination with relatively similar growing conditions to Ireland and a vibrant forestry culture which is supported by the Scottish Executive with proactive policies encouraging new commercial planting programmes. Holding forestry assets in dual jurisdictions is also a prudent approach to diversification and risk mitigation and Scotland also provides opportunities to acquire significantly larger mid-rotation portfolios than are available in Ireland.

Environmental Social And Governance (ESG)

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