Forest Management Contracts -Veon Ltd.
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Forestry Management Contracts

Veon (formerly FEL) Forest Management Contracts

Protecting and maximising the potential of your plantation can be easily solved by taking up a management contract with Veon. Our service offers management planning, annual meetings and annual reporting. Your forest details will be entered into our advanced computer systems where operations are scheduled for the optimum time designed to protect your plantation and maximise its potential. For an annual fee you have the peace of mind knowing your plantation is being professionally managed by a dedicated team of experienced foresters with you in mind.

Why should you hire Veon?

As part of our Management Service we will provide you with:
  1. Rolling five year timber productions and cash flow forecasts
  2. Comprehensive annual site inspections to include examination of all boundaries and internal stands
  3. Liaison facilities with Forest Service
  4. An annual report on the condition of each plantation reporting on maintenance and items needing attention
  5. Digitisation and maintenance of your plantation records into our computer systems
  6. Telephone support from 9am-5pm including 24 hour fire emergency call-out
  7. Annual work programmes and budgets designed to protect and increase asset value
  8. Fire plan for each plantation
  9. Certification that your plantation is up to Forest Service standards
  10. Regular client relationship calls to assess the quality of our service