Forest Plantation Sales and Purchases

Veon is Ireland’s leading purchaser of land and plantations. Having bought over 15,000 acres in the last decade, we are uniquely positioned to source the investment you require at the right price. Veon provides forest portfolio profiling and management services to farmers, land owners, high-net-worth investors, pension funds, institutional investors and family wealth offices. Veon has generated more foreign direct investment into Irish forestry than any other Irish forest management company.

Before you invest come and talk to us. We will advise you about the investment so that you can be assured that forestry is right for you. You will also know what forestry investment to target that best suits your investment requirements.

Using our extensive database of land/plantation sellers and our national network of offices in Co. Leitrim, Co. Galway. Co. Kerry, Co. Wexford and Dublin along with our established network of local auctioneers we can quickly identify the right land/plantation for you. We can then provide you with a professional report encompassing, legal constraints, title, access, costed remedial works, forestry appraisal, insurance issues, management history and maps. We will also recommend a price to pay and will undertake to negotiate on your behalf.

Once price is agreed we will guide you through the contractual arrangements to the successful outcome of you owning your own forest.

For more information of forestry investment, call our office today on 1800 719 399 or email [email protected] to arrange a meeting.