Veon Planting Services

What Veon Does?

We conduct a full establishment service which includes:

  • Site assessment – A Veon forester will conduct an assessment of your land to establish if the land is suitable for forestry
  • Submission of application for approval – We will apply to the Forest Service for the establishment grant approval on your behalf and guide the application through the process
  • Plantation establishment– Once approved we will plant your land. This process includes scrub removal, ground preparation, fencing and tree planting
  • Maintenance for 4 years – Veon will manage your forest to Forest Service standards for the first four years
  • Customer Service– We will meet you regularly and provide annual reports on your plantation’s progress
  • Administration –We will liaise with the Forest Service on your behalf and maintain your forest records

We offe several planting services designed to suit your needs:

  • Full planting and maintenance service for 4 years – This is our most popular service. We plant and maintain your plantation for 4 years. We also insure it against loss due to fire and public liability. With this service the grants are mandated to us in a maintenance contract
  • Establishment consultancy – We carry out all of the above except you receive the grant and pay us a consultancy fee on a per hectare basis, to oversee maintenance and planting of your forest