Timber marking

What is forestry thinning?

Thinning is the removal of low value stems allowing better performing trees to increase in volume in a shorter period of time while also developing into valuable timber. The process of thinning or clear-felling generates cash income for forest owners from their trees. This can provide a generous supplementary income particularly when premiums are coming to an end.

Why is thinning necessary?

Thinning is an essential part of the forest rotation. If the thinning operations are carried out correctly with the small and low value timber being removed first, the forest will grow at a higher value rate, as the stronger and more vigorous trees are left behind to produce the maximum number of high value logs and consequently increase profitability.

The importance of timber marking

The only way to ensure the correct trees are being taken out of the forest during each thinning is to mark the trees to be removed. Timber marking has definite advantages over harvester driver selections. Registered foresters select and paint-mark individual trees that need to be removed. This ensures trees with growth defects or those competing with high quality trees are removed. This process is carried out before the harvesting crew ever arrives on site. Marking gives the landowner a chance to look at the stand before harvesting begins to see if any changes are needed. By marking the timber, a higher price is achieved for the thinnings as the harvesting crew do not waste time selecting trees to be removed.

Why select Veon as your harvesting and thinning contractor?

Veon is the only private company to offer this unique service to private forest owners. This allows for full control over the thinning and removes any bias that timber buyers might have going into a stand that hasn’t been marked.

Once the stand has been marked, Veon foresters measure the whole stand electronically which provides them with a report of expected return, essential for a forest owners cash flow management. Once operations have been completed, VEON carry out another measurement of your crop to ascertain the timber that is left after the harvesting. This again is vital for forest owners, giving them an idea of projected volumes and harvest schedules down the line.

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