Wind Farm Consultancy

Wind farming is an important part of the renewable energy supply mix of Ireland. In order to maximise the energy producing capability of windfarms they must be located in areas where they can maximise the wind resource.  In many cases this is also where forests are located.

Forests can interfere with the efficiency of wind farms. Removing forests to facilitate a wind farm is challenging both in terms of legal requirements and cost. A balance must be found between the cost of removing the trees and the increased efficiency that results. In addition, many wind farm developers have no knowledge of forestry. They know they must replant land taken out of forestry and they need professional forestry advice to fulfill their legal obligations whilst minimising the cost of doing so. Veon provides forestry consultancy services to land owners and to Irelands largest windfarm operators.

Veon is a leading supplier of such expert forest management services to the windfarm industry.

Our services include:
  • Expert forestry knowledge input into legal agreements
  • Forest valuations for compensation purposes
  • Forest inventory of existing forests within and surrounding wind farm proposal
  • Cost benefit analysis of removing forests to facilitate the wind farm
  • Expert forestry advice on repayment of grants and premiums
  • Felling licence applications and negotiations with Forest Service
  • Sourcing new land to replace land taken out of forestry
  • Replanting land and maintenance until new plantation established
  • Ongoing management of the forest to maximise commercial potential