How to Manage Storms in Forests – Pan European Workshop

Hugh Cawley, Veon’s director of operations, attended the SURE project workshop “Res2Storm – pan-European Workshop on Wind, Storms, and Forests” which dealt with the problems associated with the increasing likelihood of more frequent and violent storms due to climate change and how we can ensure a flourishing future for our forests and the people who depend on them.

The objective if the workshop was to map operational tools and processes for coping with storm events along the crisis management cycle. Emphasis was given to the phases ‘recovery’, ‘prevention/mitigation’ and ‘preparedness’, not neglecting adequate ‘response’. The workshop was hosted by Christoph Hartebrodt and his team from the Forest Research Institute of Baden-Württemberg (FVA) in Freiburg, Germany, on the 11-12th of October 2018. It was the first in a series of thematic workshops within the SURE project dealing with forest risks bringing together 35 participants from 13 European countries with backgrounds in science, policy and practice.

Overall, the workshop was well received by all participants who also had the opportunity to meet experts from other parts of Europe dealing with the same challenges and topics. Getting to know and learn from each other was an important workshop achievement. Sharing knowledge and experiences while finding avenues for further collaboration continue to follow the European Forest Risk Facility principle of ‘collect – connect – exchange’ – was very productive.

Hugh Cawley stated that this was “an excellent event and I think all the participants are looking forward to applying this workshop approach to biotic threats and wildfire in the upcoming workshops in 2019”

Following on from decisions taken at the conference, Hugh Cawley (Veon Ltd) will be working with Barry Gardiner (EFI Bordeaux) to develop:- “Calamity Decision Support  – Decision Support Tree” – along with Luke Middleton  (IRE FS),  and Rob Gazzard (UK FC). Barry Gardiner and Luke Middleton will also be working with Hugh Cawley (Veon Ltd) and Mick Power (Coillte) and to develop the:- “Windblow Contingency Plan”.