Veon awarded 5 Knowledge Transfer Groups by the Forest Service

Veon is delighted to announce that it has secured funding from the Forest Service at the Department of Agriculture Food & the Marine to run five Knowledge Transfer Groups (KTG) for forest owners on a nationwide basis.

The KTG programme focuses on developing and engendering greater understanding and know-how among forest owners of the valuable asset which they own and increasing their forest management skills.

Each KTG will hold 7 meetings and forest-owning attendees will receive €70 per meeting to defray costs associated with their attendance.

If you are a forest owner and wish to join one of our Knowledge Transfer Groups please download and complete the application form below and email it to [email protected]


Freephone 1800 719 399 to register your interest.


Veon reaches out to hundreds of forest owners every year. These are forest owners who planted 10 to 20 years ago and have not engaged with the forest industry yet, i.e. built a forest road or thinned their forest. The level of knowledge within the forest owner cohort we find is low. Veon strives to educate these owners in different ways, but it is difficult to get them to engage and make the decision to develop their forest.

Veon sees the KTGs as being an excellent mechanism to get these forest owners to learn more about their industry, so they gain trust in it and are encouraged to bring their timber to the market.