Talking Timber – Veon at Teagasc

Veon participated at the recent Talking Timber events at New Ross and Mountbellew in June.

Teagasc organised these Talking Timber events to help foster and develop greater understanding of the role that forestry plays in the rural economy and to provide advice and knowledge transfer within the farming community about growing much needed Irish timber.

With over 250 attending the events there was very positive feedback from both forest owners and industry representatives.

The outdoor log display worked very well and was equally well received. The carefully selected logs gave a very strong message about quality and timely management of forests.

Pictured below at the event is Trevor McHugh, Managing Director Commercial, Veon Ltd and chairman of the IFFPA Timber Mobilisation Group. Trevor commented that the Talking Timber events provide a crucial forum to demonstrate to forest owners how to maximise the value of their forest, the wide range of products that their timber goes into and how farmers can ensure that their forest produces the valuable timber that is in such high demand.

Figure 1 – Trevor McHugh (Veon) and Aodan Kealey (Murray Timber Group) with samples of high quality Irish timber milled by the Murray Timber Group.

Figure 2 – Members of Teagasc, Forest Service and industry, together with forest owners at the timber display organised by IFFPA.

Figure 3 – The timber display so clearly showing what timber should be thinned to drive value into the final crop to ensure a valuable clearfell harvest for the owner.

Left to Right: Trevor McHugh, Managing Director Commercial, Veon Ltd, Frances McHugh (Teagasc), John Spink (Teagasc), Mark McAuley, Irish Forestry & Forest Products Association and Dr. Nuala Ní Fhlartaigh