Veon hosts Forest Service team at the Coollattin Estate

The Forest Service felling section had a field day at the Coollattin Estate which was hosted by Veon on Thursday 31st May, 2018. Veon is the largest forest estate management company in Ireland and the Coollattin Estate provided a perfect example of how professional forestry estate management can transform and enhance mature woodland through best practice and restoration.

The Forest Service asked Veon to host their Felling Section team and the estate owners graciously agreed to the visit to the Coollattin Estate.  The primary objective of the field day was to demonstrate the important connection between the role and responsibilities of the Forest Service team and the reality of what happens on the ground and in the forest.

Policy and implementation decisions in the Forest Service have far and significant implications on the ground and the visitors were able to see at first hand the important role each and every one of them play in ensuring that Ireland’s forest industry thrives and contributes to the lives of all living on this island and the environmental benefits which forestry provides.

Coollattin is an excellent example of how the new Forestry Act and forestry schemes can be used to restructure and rejuvenate woodlands in the estate with conversions of conifers to broadleaves which are more appropriate in this immediate landscape; the creation of an Arboretum, planting of new land, managing Ash Dieback in mid rotation Ash and clearing invasive Rhododendron and Laurel species.

According to Daragh Little, Managing Director Forestry of Veon Ltd “this was a wonderful opportunity to impress upon the Forest Service, the importance of their role in the delivery of such environment-enriching projects. It also provides an opportunity for the Forest Service to understand how vital their role is especially in providing the sector with felling licences in a timely manner. Unfortunately in many cases it is taking much longer than the 4 months envisaged in the Forestry Act and these delays have a knock-on negative impact in delivering project outcomes such as the one we are visiting today”.

“It is vital that the Forest Service and the forestry sector engage more directly especially with events such as this. It is only through understanding and appreciating how our roles combine and relate that we can develop the sector properly and enable greater timber mobilisation including a faster turnaround of felling licences and decision making through the supply chain” he added.

Veon Ltd is the largest forest estate manager in Ireland and has unrivalled experience in old estate rejuvenation and silvicultural restoration management techniques.