Veon’s Field Day with the North East Growers Group

There was an excellent turnout for Veon’s Field Harvesting Day in Drumconrath, Co. Meath last Tuesday 12th June 2018.

Veon Ltd, the leading forest management company in Ireland, and the North East Growers Group held the free outdoor forest event that brought many of the region’s forest owners together to discuss relevant harvesting issues.

Fergus Mahon, Regional Manager North East for Veon gave an informative talk on the process surrounding the forest road building scheme and also the 1st thinning timber sales process. “Veon has harvested over 100,000 tonnes of timber this year on behalf of our clients and this gives us great negotiating power with the timber processors which is then reflected in the prices we achieve for our clients across all timber categories” he said. “It is critically important for forest owners to ensure that the thinning stages of harvesting are conducted in a manner which enhances and protects the final crop, which is the most valuable element of the forest, and to ensure that contractors do not cut valuable timber during the thinning stages of the crop rotation” he added.

The event was held in a site where road construction and 1st thinning has recently been completed which gave real background to the issues being discussed and the forest owners got a real feel of what to look out for during road construction and harvesting.